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Elvis’s fascination with motorsports took root as he observed his neighbor racing dirt bikes, prompting his parents to gift him his own dirt bike on his 7th birthday. Beyond a recreational outlet and cross-training regimen, his love for speed and mechanics permeated his skating endeavors. This passion extended to various motorized vehicles, including ATVs, snowmobiles, and jetskis. Despite beginning with dirt bikes, his true aspiration lay in car racing. Juggling skating tours, Elvis dedicated time to performance driving schools, pushing his limits and honing his racing skills, all with the vision of transitioning to racing after retiring from skating. In retrospect, he would openly express that, while holding utmost respect for the skating community, choosing motorsports as his primary path would have been a compelling alternative.

Moving forward with his dream to race, Elvis began racing karts while he lived in mexico, and only in his 2nd year racing he became Canadian Vice Champion of Canada in the Rotax DD2 Masters Class in 2013 and 3rd in 2015. Elvis also made the world team that year, but could not attend due to skating commitments.

Undaunted by delays or schedules, Elvis just kept moving forward in his pursuits, testing Formula 1600, driving multiple sports cars from Corvettes to Porsches. He raced in the Micra Cup, tested and raced with Twoth Motorsports in the TCR Audi S3 Race car; built and raced an Audi A5 GT Race car with Luca Solaroli and his father Alberto at Fast Audi concepts  and now races with Steffen Rilli at Rilli Racing in the 500SC Revolution Race Car. 

The Journey


Elvis’s solid base for his racing’s evident when, with only one test day in the Revolution race car, he went on to race at the famous SPA race circuit in Belgium placing 3rd in both races with only being in the car a handful of times.  His innate sense of feel in the car and his is feel of the skate blade contact on the ice was honed through his now reputed and revered Kung Fu training.

Elvis is currently building a serious career in racing and continues to inspire people around the world by chasing his dreams with his warrior mentality.

The Dream


For more information on being a part of the racing journey please contact Rilli Racing.


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