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“While grounded, he shares his knowledge through public speaking, motivating and inspiring others”.

Over the years Elvis has had the great privilege to represent companies like Canon, Master Card, Nokia, and McDonalds to name a few as well as being the Ambassador for Ronald McDonald’s Children’s Charities. Elvis has built his brand as a pro athlete and Renaissance man through his skating, martial arts, acting and auto racing.

With experience in many different fields Elvis has a large fan base which continues  grow.  He has passed on this knowledge to young athletes through seminars and public speaking and is sought after in motivation speaking.  Elvis has shared his trials, tribulations, and what it took to become the champion and awaken the warrior within. By sharing his philosophies of life, love, and sport — Elvis strides to help others achieve the same type of internal balance in their world. 

Never being one to rest on past accomplishments, accolades, or victories, Elvis continues to push himself to new levels, while still remaining grounded by sharing all he’s learned through public speaking events which allows him to motivate and inspire others.


Currently, Elvis has teamed up with Quintessentially Canada with Ambassadorship, Corporate Sponsorship and public speaking.


And Public Speaking 


For Ambassadorship/Corporate Sponsorship and Speaking Engagement inquiries please email:

“Not conforming to the system or kowtowing to the governing body which refused to accept him for who he was”.

“He’s good at doing different things, which proves how passionate and adaptable he can be.”

"Currently building a serious career in racing and continues to inspire people around the world by chasing his dreams."

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