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“Not conforming to the system or kowtowing to the governing body which refused to accept him for who he was”.

Tv shows

• The Simpsons
• Murdoch Mysteries
• Hudson & Rex
• Pretty Hard Cases
• Brawl Stars


• Ice Angel
• Death to Smoochy
• Enhanced
• The Use of Deadly Force
• Ice Girls
• In Its Wake


• Grease / Vince Fontaine
• Chicago / Billy Flynn

Schools & Coaches

• Brad Milne / Milne Studio
• David Rotenburg / Pro Actors Lab
• Rae Ellen Bodie / Voice Coach
• Denise Daniels  / Voice/Singing Coach
• Lewis Baumander / LB Acting Studio

acting career

2013 Demo Reel
2024 Demo Reel

Working with different acting coaches over the years he has honed his skills and has advance quickly. His emotional and physical awareness through his Kung Fu training, high level of competition in skating, and racing has given him an advantage. Working with Lewis Baumander at LB Acting Studio in Toronto, Lewis was impressedwith how quickly Elvis progressed and was interested in how he adapted specific acting technique to make them his own… so much in fact, Lewis eventually asked Elvis to build a course with him based on Elvis emotional and physical awareness techniques.

How Started

Attending a small private school from grades 5-8, Elvis was introduced to their theatre program which led to him singing and acting on stage.  Being in front of an audience was natural for Elvis as he performed in shows and of course competed in front of huge crowds in skating. With his father Steve being a classically trained tenor and his mother being a dancer, the arts were ever present in Elvis’s life, which led to a much needed synchronicity between his skating, motorsports, martial arts, and acting endeavours.


As his skating career progressed Elvis has had the opportunity to work on different projects from being a hockey player in the movie Ice Angel to playing Billy Flynn on Stage in New York in the show Chicago — both works which saw him receive great reviews.

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