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Always one to respect both oral tradition and the act of forwarding knowledge, Elvis always knew he’d eventually want to share what he’d learned through experience, wonderful teachers, and gifted mentors, so when he was afforded a chance to inspire others through motivation talks and meetings — Elvis leapt at it without hesitation.

For over 25 years, speaking with skaters and businesses all over Canada, Elvis has shared his life experiences as a competitive skater, martial artist, car racer and actor — and has no intention of stopping because his desire to inspire others is still paramount in his life.

Public Speaking

“Elvis’s lifelong mission: Inspiring through experience, wisdom, and passion.”


For any inquiries please contact:

“Not conforming to the system or kowtowing to the governing body which refused to accept him for who he was”.

“He’s good at doing different things, which proves how passionate and adaptable he can be.”

"Currently building a serious career in racing and continues to inspire people around the world by chasing his dreams."

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